Portative Organs, Organetti
& Clavicytherium


16 pipes
diatonic f1 - e3

72 cm, 4.8 kg


24 pipes
c2 - c4

58 cm, 6 kg


24 pipes
f1 - e3

78 cm, 6.5 kg


20 pipes
g, a - d2, e2

110 cm, 8 kg


28 pipes
c1, d1- e3

85/92 cm, 8.5 kg


26 pipes
b - c3

92 cm, 9 kg


28 (32) strings
b - d3 (a - e3)

142 cm, 7 kg

New! "Cupra"

22 pipes
c1 - g2, a2, h2

90 cm, 8 kg


22 pipes
"Pigeons Egg Measure"
b - g2, a2

94 cm, 9 kg


30 pipes
chromatic g - c3

108 cm, 12 kg


23 pipes
diatonic g - e3

108 cm, 10 kg


Available for some selected models.

Some of the organetti are available with wooden pipes, too.

Size & weight are approximate values. For an individual offer, please email us.

Extras & Accessories Display & Used Instruments
(Portative organs and other types of medieaval and renaissance instruments)
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About our instruments

Our portative organs, organetti and table positive organs are of the highest quality; they are hand made in our own workshop, made from carefully selected European wood and other top grade materials that have been used for organ building for centuries.  The designs of each portative organ is based on fundamentals of the Gothic and Romanic period.
We build reliable instruments for everybody: For teachers, universities, for amateurs and beginners as well as for advances players, professionals and students.

Contacts with active musicians and known medieval music groups has enabled us to develop different styles of portative organs. Advantages

The portative organ keyboard is either a piano-type keyboard or a medieval button-type keyboard.

Some of the instruments shown are available immediately. 

Should you decide on a specific portative organ, we will honour your wishes and special requests.

For an individual offer, please email us. Thank you.

Stefan & Annette Keppler

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