"BlackEdition" Portativ organ black edition

–new design, available for all our portative organs upon request –

This modern, remarkable design and art of pipe making offers a striking look and sound. Made of some thousand year old black fen oak or black varnished maple.

It offers all possibilities for a modern professional instrument:

Made for expressive play and fascinating sound effects.
Prepared for special microphones and mini mixer, effect device & wireless transmitter,
and LED-lighting.

Developed by Wolkenstayn and Pain, Seoul, for professional use on stage.

The pictures show Pain's new "BlackEdition" organetto, based on our 26 pipes organetto "Huelgas":

Made of black fen oak with special design according to Pain's metal band logo; black handles, black leather carrying straps and special Mics for walking act, blacklight/UV-power-LED's, UV-sensitive keys.
Great look & sound!

Please feel free to ask for your individual "BlackEdition".

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