Organetto "Chiara"Modell "Organetto"

24 metal pipes c2- chromatic- bb3/b3, c4
Dimensions: approx. 59 x 36 x 17 cm  Weight: approx. 6 kg

This small and cute compact organetto follows an early Gothic period design. Light weight & big sound make this very small but fully chromatic portative attractive - an amazingly powerful und beautiful warm sound at a good price without sacrificing the well known Wolkenstayn quality of the „fully grown“ instruments.

The decorated and engraved frame is made of beautiful, robust light maple wood; oiled.

Other kinds of wood upon request.

The metal pipes are made of a tin/lead alloy. Powerful flute-like sound.

Tuning sleeves made of parchment paper; other materials upon request.

Pitch: a=440Hz or as desired; for more information please email us.

The keys (either a piano-type or a button-type keyboard is available) are made of selected fruit-tree wood and maple.

The large bellows is made of white sheepskin, cherry and maple.

Useful Extras:
Types of wood Drone levers Air release from bellows Carrying handles Special requests

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