New! Clavicytherium

28 keys
b0 - chromatic - d3

Dimensions: 142 x 42 x 25 cm
Weight: 7 kg

This wonderful, slim shaped small Clavicytherium is based on 15th century's late Gothic period tradition. Design and construction has been inspired by the oldest existing stringed keyboard instrument, built about 1480 in the city of Ulm (South Germany). This early clavicytherium nowadays is exhibited in the London Museum.

Due to a comparable small number of strings, but although a wide ambitus tone range of more than two octaves our clavicytherium offers a wide tone range and many musical possibilities, at a very low weight.

28 keys "Clavicytherium"

We decided for a nice and smooth sound by brass strings, for a dynamic and elegant, harpsichord-like sound, designed and built for a impressive play and best reliability and stabilness in tune and for easy handling and carrying.

Other kinds of string material as gut offered upon request.

The decorated and carved body is made of cedar or cyprus wood, the soundboard of cedar or spruce, decorated by parchment rose windows.

The precise keyboard, easy and directly working offers a dynamic and expressive play.

For carrying, we recommend our light weight but sturdy, padded backpack bag.

Pitch a=440Hz or others as desired; for more information please email us.

New! Clavicytherium

32 keys
a0 - chromatic - e3

Dimensions: 135 x 47 x 25 cm
Weight: 7.5 kg

As an alternative, upon request, we also offer a four notes extended, 32 keys option. This Early Renaissance period version offers light weight and easy carriability as well.

32 keys "Clavicytherium"

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