Portative organ "Istampitta"Modell "Organetto"

16 metal pipes f1-diatonic-e3
2 keys b flat.
Upon request, the pipes can be ordered tunable: c/c#, d/d#, f/f#, g/g#.

Dimensions: approx. 72 x 42 x 16 cm
Wight: approx. 4.8 kg

Following the tradition of early, romanic period portative organs, the compact design and light weight make this small portative organ very attractive - an amazingly powerful und beautiful sound at a good price without sacrificing the usual Wolkenstayn quality of the „fully grown“ instruments.

Tuning sleeves are made of special light wight parchment paper; other materials upon request.
Pitch: a=440Hz (or as desired; for more information please email us)

(picture shows a customized Faenza made of cherry wood)

The frame is made of beautiful, robust maple wood; oiled, slightly varnished. Other types of wood upon request.

The keys (either a piano-type or a button-type keyboard is available) are made of selected fruit-tree wood and maple.

The large bellows is made of white sheepskin and fruit-tree wood.

Useful Extras:
Types of wood Drone lever Carrying handles Air release
from bellows
Special requests

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