Used Instruments

HildegardSometimes, we get used instruments from friends or customers for sale, too; as well portative organs as other mediaeval or renaissance instruments. Sale as commission business for privat persons.

Portative Organ "Cantiga" –2015 Exhibition instrument;
"quite new"

including drone levers, brass handles, case with carrying straps, ...

price upon request


–made of nice cedar wood–

Exhibition instrument

27 keys
c1- chromatic- d3

appr. 117 x 41 x 25 cm
weight: ca. 7 kg

Portative Organ "Giulia"

–Cherry wood version– (similar; pic. showing a basic maple wood version)

Exhibition instrument

23 pipes
g - diatonic - e3, plus 3 notes "b"

appr. 108 x 49 x 19 cm
weight about 12 kg

more information

price upon request